COVID-19 Testing and Care Services

MyHospital: Covid Care Center

At MyHospital, we aim to improve the healthcare experience of both patients and doctors in handling mild and asymptomatic cases of Covid19 from the safety of home. We focus on helping through teleconsultations and personal home visits by Licensed Physicians, diagnostic and RT PCR tests done at home and provide a covid kit of essentials needed to battle the symptoms. We provide convenience and safety at the tip of your fingers.

Stay healthy. Stay informed. Stay home. MyHospital’s Covid Home Care Center is at your service.



Step 1:

Teleconsult : It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Our team will help asses your symptoms and advice what is needed accordingly. If symptoms are mild then we can proceed for home healthcare.

Home Visit and Testing

Step 2:

Home Visit and Testing: Our doctors will visit you, assess your condition, take an RT-PCR test, and other lab tests. They will see what they can do to relieve your current symptoms.

Monitoring and Consulting

Step 3:

Regular Monitoring and Consultation. Our COVID specialty care doesn’t end there, we will guide you every step of the way towards wellness and bring you back to full health once again.



Value for Money

MyHospital helps you save on time and resources by providing transparent and affordable professional and service fees. We ensure each test and assessment to detect early symptoms, helping you protect your loved ones. As the entire process can be done at home, you also save on time and transportation costs.

Access to Better Healthcare

Get access to better doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies. Our admin will help coordinate everything for you, including home care and deliveries for their medication. We also provide on demand doctor's appointments and preventive/continuity of care for the patient.


Sign up for online consults and medical services anytime without leaving your home or office. Lessen the risk of getting infected by communicable diseases. You will also have the option to receive digital versions of your lab results.

Why Choose MyHospital?

At MyHospital, we believe that communal well-being is vital to individual health. That's why we help build a healthier tomorrow, together with our patients, trusted doctors, and partner laboratories.

The MyHospital team works tirelessly to make essential health services, especially COVID-related health services, easier to access for everyone. MyHospital is designed to change with the times -- offering nearby access, science-based guidance, and affordable services to all our patients.

Together with our doctors and partner laboratories, we're imagining new ways to help Filipinos stay safe, healthy, and informed whenever and wherever they are.