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Novie John Palarisan

Psychologist, Wellness Center


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Sir Novie is a mental health advocate, educator, researcher, and psychologist. He is a professor, a consultant, and a researcher to different colleges and organizations. He holds licenses in professional teaching, psychometrician, guidance and counselling, and psychology. 
His sheer passion in mental health advocacies prompts him to create his own counselling center named PUSONG SIKOLOHIKAL PSYCHOLOGICAL CARE SERVICES where he is the care executive. The center also operates virtually where he caters clientele experiencing depression, anxiety, and other forms of psychological disturbances.More than the psychological services he offers, Sir Novie is also a mentor. He coaches professionals who want to pass the psychometrician, guidance and counselling, and psychology board exams. He also caters students for on-the-job training and works as a volunteer for peer facilitator as their training manager. 

He is not just your typical psychologist, he is a companion who will journey with you in times of uncertainty and who will cheer with you in your sweetest victory.