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Norvie Tiong

Wellness Center


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Hello there! I’m Norvie, and I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Part of my practice is to provide a safe non-judgmental space to explore my client’s challenges. I have collective experience working with people having difficulties associated with stress, anxiety, depressed mood, low self-esteem, trauma,  identity crisis, challenging life events, and relationship difficulties. 

I am passionate about empowering individuals with evidence-based strategies in promoting growth, change and living up to one’s potential. I use a range of therapeutic approaches tailored to individual needs along with differing cultural and spiritual beliefs, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy. I am also a mental health advocate-speaker and a certified dog- lover.

DISCLAIMER: I am a Clinical Psychologist not a Psychiatrist.

People often use the terms "psychiatrist" and "psychologist" interchangeably — an easy mistake to make if you are not familiar with the field. Both psychologists and psychiatrists can provide mental health services. Psychologist dive deep into the external causes of mental disorders and the therapeutic approaches to treating them. Psychiatrists spend a significant amount of time exploring the biological and neurological elements of mental health.

As a general rule, Clinical Psychologist is a good place to start. Talk therapy can help you process trauma and give you tools to deal with stress, depression, and anxiety WITHOUT MEDICATION. 

I hope I was able to give you insight between the 2 Practices. I am here to help, Book an appointment with me if you feel like you need a Psychologist! Thank you!