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Jerryl Lofamia

Guidance Counselor, Wellness Center


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Hi. I'm Jerryl. I'm a Registered Guidance Counselor who has been working at a private university for three years now.  It has been my passion to help individuals meet their mental health needs and have been handling college students. I have handled and supported cases in our school relating to diagnosed mental health conditions, sexual harassment concerns and assisting them with academic, personal or social concerns. As a counselor, I focus on identifying strengths and weaknesses, encouragements, habit formation and dealing with guilt and grief. When my father died last 2020 due to a fatal accident, I dedicated myself to understanding more about dealing with grief. I've been married for a year and have one beautiful daughter. With my experiences, I can also help in handling relationship concerns as it has been one of the topics I have been interested in the past months. I'm also a Certified Mental Health Facilitation Trainer under NBCC USA and I assist in training more trainees for mental health facilitation.