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Divina Gracia Cablay

Psychologist, Wellness Center


Public, PAGCOR

I have been working since 2016 in a government residential drug treatment facility that is using a therapeutic community modality. My dual function includes being a therapeutic community facilitator (on my Staff On-Duty days) and as a psychologist. As a psychologist and therapeutic community facilitator, I have been using CBT Techniques to teach my patients and coach them towards learning new skills for behavioral change and self-control. After the psychological assessment, I collaboratively work with my patients in designing their treatment plans. CBT techniques I usually employed are the following: motivational interviewing, psychoeducation about addiction ( conditioning, triggers, craving) , teaching clients cognitive skills (“thought stopping” ,“urge surfing”), and on the later phases of treatment, more emphasis is given to relapse prevention such as developing plans strategies to avoid exposure to triggers, teaching skills to cope with cravings and transition skills for recovery.