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This is MyHospital.

Quality healthcare that is accessible and convenient while providing real value for money.

Enter a new chapter in healthcare with MyHospital. We transform access to quality healthcare thru teleconsultations and personal home visits by Licensed Physicians, Diagnostic and other essential tests done at home. We provide convenience and safety at the tip of your fingertips.

We collaborate with doctors, diagnostic clinics, hospitals and pharmacies for a more centered healthcare focused on you.


Need a consultation? MyHospital has you covered. Get direct access to our knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate doctors anytime and anywhere.

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Tests required? MyHospital has partnered with leading laboratories and diagnostic centers to provide fast and efficient test results during these trying times.

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Worried about lining up and buying your own medication? With our partner pharmacies, MyHospital will make sure your medicine is delivered fresh and fast at your doorstep.

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MyHospital Covid Care Specialty Center


(Infectious Diseases)

Tele and Home Care

  • We aim to provide both patients and doctors experience in handling mild and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

  • We coordinate with doctors to set up tele consultations or home visits and diagnostic tests. All test results will be sent to both patients and doctors to ensure smooth consultations focused on providing the best quality care.

  • MyHospital offers affordable packages for each type of COVID-related issue with easy and convenient fees collection.

  • We maximize your schedule by coordinating with the laboratories and diagnostic centers nearest to your location. This is to minimize traffic and maximize consultation time.

Value for Money

  • Transparent and affordable Professional and Service fees
  • Detailed instructions for tests and lab needs to prevent retaking tests and additional costs
  • Early detection of illnesses
  • No need to leave home and pay for transportation and parking
  • Discounts on labs and pharmaceutical needs

Access to Better Healthcare

  • Gain access to better doctors, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies
  • Quick and easy booking of consultations, ambulances, labs and even medicine
  • Home care and deliveries
  • Our team will help coordinate everything for you
  • Preventive and continuity of care for the patient
  • Faster results from Labs
  • Neuro Cognitive (Psychiatry) consultation available


  • Once we collect your records and files, our team will guide and take care of you until you get the consultation link
  • Online consults and medical service without leaving the comforts of your home or office and lessens risk of communicable diseases exposure in hospitals and clinics
  • Good triage tool to determine urgency of patient's condition
  • HMO/Insurance covered
  • Lab results availability - may have the option to be released digitally

MyHospital Provides Treatment

for the Following:


(Infectious Diseases)

Tele and Home Care


(Cardio Metabolic)

Obesity & Stroke
Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Cardio metabolic diseases
Diabetes Center (feet, nutrition, retina, and cardio)


(Neuro Cognitive Mental)

Mental wellness
Neuro Cognitive Psychiatric:



Annual Physical
Balanced nutrition plans

WHY CHOOSE MyHospital?

At MyHospital, we believe that communal well-being is vital to individual health. That's why we help build a healthier tomorrow, together with our patients, trusted doctors, and partner laboratories.
The MyHospital team works tirelessly to make essential health services, especially COVID-related health services, easier to access for everyone. MyHospital is designed to change with the times -- offering nearby access, science-based guidance, and affordable services to all our patients.
Together with our doctors and partner laboratories, we're imagining new ways to help Filipinos stay safe, healthy, and informed whenever and wherever they are.